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access rights issue

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  • access rights issue

    dear all, I have a domain that's running 2 w2k3 servers and one w2k because of legacy software.

    one of the w2k3 is running dns and also acting as the print server. i have an issue printing from the internet from IE8, and have found that if users had power user access on the server the problem goes away.

    problem is that power users doesn't exist on the domain controllers, so does anyone have a way of giving the users that sort of access to solve the issue?

    i can't use firefox or chrome as the MIS system we use won't play ball with them and its reports.

    Any ideas, its fully patched. We do have some software on it as well monitoring the printing (volume etc) but even with it switched off the problem exists.

    Cheers in advance.

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    Re: access rights issue

    Have you tried adding the users to the print operators group on the domain?

    How about adding the domain users to the local machine power users group?


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      Re: access rights issue

      hi just added the users to print operators.

      its not a local rights issue its on the server that the problem exists as i have a developer here who has admin access on her own machine but still has the printing problem.

      login on her machine as an admin and the problem goes away.