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  • startup

    I start my computer and after a while it says checking file system on C:
    the type of file system is FAT 32
    It then says one of your disks needs to be checked for consistency
    and then windows is now checking the disk volume serial # is 3E12-16f6

    then it starts checking completes restarts and goes over the same process again.

    Now i have tried pressing F8 and tried starting in safe mode and some of the other optiong but no luck. what could be wrong.

    I'm using windows 2000 professional and i recently downloaded DirectX 9.0b could this be the problem.I installed and was trying to play HALO DEMO and i might have tinkered with display adapters coz the game could not play.

    I'm also getting a strange blue screen with strange black lines when the computer restarts.I'm on a LAN by the way.