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DC Rename gone WRONG- AD/DNS help!

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  • DC Rename gone WRONG- AD/DNS help!

    ok..I THOUGHT I did everything right and was very excited when everything "seemed" to be working just fine, however, I was wrong. I had a NEW 2003 server that I was replacing an OLD 2003 server with. I still want the old one to be on the network as I want to make sure everything is changed over data-wise before I turn him off. I wanted EVERYTHING that was on the Old DC to be the same on the new one (ip, name, files). I did not build the new server. Just did the implementation.
    PreInfo: I have 6 sites each with their own DC and 2 Exchange Servers. I was implementing a regular DC. (not PDC), no FSSMO, no Certificates, just a file and print server with DHCP and DNS for that location.
    STEPS I TOOK @ Site 1:
    1. Installing the Backup software to get a 1st backup before I changed it over, I then realized DNS and DHCP were not loaded on new server I was to implement, so I loaded them.
    2. I had both servers on the network.
    3. I renamed (via System Properties) the old DC server and then changed his IP.
    4. I renamed the new 2003 server to the OLD servers name and gave him the same IP. (it was not my Idea to give him the same name btw so don't blast me too hard please).
    5. I then realized that AD was not loaded. so I proceeded to load AD.
    6. I set up the DNS and DHCP to go through AD with the rest of the Domain.
    7. I turned off the OLD Server to make sure that everyone was mapped to the correct server and that they could get IPs and print which they did and could. (it's still off)
    8. I verified that everyone at that office can connect via mapped drives and print between the offices. I compared all DNS with all the other offices and all Seems great!...NOT....

    PROBLEM: I can ping every computer's name and IP from the new server's office network fine from THAT office, however I cannot remote to or ping anyone's computer name from any of the other offices, this is an issue as we have other software that goes off of everyones computer name, not their IP. We had it so all offices interact and should be able to communicate everything between them.

    So what did I do wrong? I didn't think DCPROMO was needed as I was replacing and the renaming in 2003, I thought, was basically the same. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is my first time doing a "replace" and "rename".

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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    Re: DC Rename gone WRONG- AD/DNS help!

    First of all please provide utils
    dcdiag and netdiag answers to complete full picture.


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      Re: DC Rename gone WRONG- AD/DNS help!

      it sounds like dns conditional forwarders are missing, maybe check the setuup on the old dns server.
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        Re: DC Rename gone WRONG- AD/DNS help!

        So did you DCPROMO the new server to replace the DC functions that the old server had???