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IIS Config Restore - adsutil.vbs Error

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  • IIS Config Restore - adsutil.vbs Error


    I am trying to do an IIS config restore as per the following KB:

    When i get to the part to enter this command (cscript.exe C:\InetPub\AdminScripts\Adsutil.vbs enum w3svc) i get the following error message.

    Permission denied
    ErrNumber: 70 (0x46)
    Error Trying To ENUM the Object (GetObject Failed): w3svc

    I have tried everything i can think of, using Local Administrator and Domain Administrator accounts but still get Permission Denied.

    I then tried using the following KB to edit/correct the IIS ACLs but this just corrupted them and i had to reinstall IIS:

    Has anyone had this problem before and know how to resolve it?

    We are running IIS 5.0 on Windows 2000 Server Standard.

    Thanks in advance!