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vbs to manage remote accounts

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  • vbs to manage remote accounts


    I need to give a user on a network with 2 standalone w2000 servers (no domain) the ability to activate / deactivate -from his terminal- a specific account on any of the servers.

    I couldnīt find any small utility for this so I am trying to use vbs to put something together.

    The script works fine against a devel computer but fails to find the remote ones because I am using
    "GetObject("WinNT://" & strComputer & "/" & strUsername &"")"
    when AFAIK I should be using impersonation to autenticate against the server.

    The problem is that I dont know vbs and how to implement that autentication whithin the script...

    and everything Iīve found on the web seems to be targeted at Domains.

    Does anybody know how should I present the admin credential to the server and the execute the script for the target account??

    FWIW, what is working on the current script so far is:
    - Choose the target server > see account status > close or edit account > set new expiration date > review status

    Thanks in advance.
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