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Paging File Size = 1.5 Ram Size, still Valid?

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  • Paging File Size = 1.5 Ram Size, still Valid?

    I've been searching for information about the optimization of the paging file, even this one

    I usually configure paging file initial size to the same amount to the maximum size
    and 1.5 times big as the psychical RAM.

    Right now ours server have 8GB of psychical RAM, I forgot to change the Paging file parameters after a memory upgrade, Now I have to set the size right (12GB) but I wonder if with so many RAM do I need so much Paging file?.

    I'm using Windows 2003 SP2 32 bits

    My Commit Charge (Paging File Allocation) is a Follow

    Total 2284472 = 4GB
    Limit 12364100 = 24GB?
    Peak 2980256 = 5.8GB

    Thank you
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    Re: Paging File Size = 1.5 Ram Size, still Valid?

    I still use the 1.5x RAM as a rule of thumb.


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      Re: Paging File Size = 1.5 Ram Size, still Valid?

      How big a pagefile your system requires is more dependent on workload than how much memory is in the system.

      Your peak commit charge is a combination of physical memory and pagefile utilization. So lets say you had 4GB memory and a 6GB peak commit, then you would need at least a 2GB pagefile to adequately handle the workload. In your case you have 8GB memory and a 5.8GB peak commit. Assuming your numbers were taken during the servers peak utilization, you really should see much pagefile usage.

      One thing to note is that if you let the system manage your pagefile, which is what I usually do, it will start at 1.5x RAM and will scale up depending on the workload.

      Mark Russinovich of Sysinternals fame touched on this topic in one of his MS TechEd sessions this year. It's available online and is pretty interesting if you have the time. Pagefile sizing is at about the 56 minute mark.


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        Re: Paging File Size = 1.5 Ram Size, still Valid?

        My personal preference:
        2x RAM for up to 4 Gb
        1.5 x RAM above this

        PF on separatephysical disk to OS if at all possible, otherwise different partition (defragged first)
        Fixed size PF -- no performance reduction when it grows or shrinks
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          Re: Paging File Size = 1.5 Ram Size, still Valid?

          here's some fun.

          Assume you have a system with 96GB RAM. (and it's oh-so-possible.)
          That's a 172GB drive just for paging file
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