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  • dfs issue

    OK this is a bit odd so please hang with me..... Here is my situation.
    I have a dfs share setup called data (\\domain\dfs\data) in that share I have a folder called sales (\\domain\dfs\data\sales) the dfs share had one target folder. From the site that is local to that target i can browse the sales folder with no issues. From any other site outside of the local lan I cannot list the contents of this folder. Here is where it get strange. If i go deeper in the folder structure I can list the contents. the machines I am trying to access from are all XP. From another server 03 box I can see the sales folders contents.

    Does that at all make any sense?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: dfs issue

    Is it a permissions problem? Check your permissions on the sales folder and make sure the account(s) have the access required.
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      Re: dfs issue

      That was the first thing I checked, it does not matter who I am logged in as. Even if I UNC out to the server directly I get the same thing from the remote sites. I am wondering if there is a timeout setting in xp somwhere. I have googled it but am not coming up with anything.