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Chaging IP of AD server

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  • Chaging IP of AD server

    Hello everyone

    I just joined today and I would like to say hello to all.
    I have a question and I wonder if someone can help please.
    I am in the process of virtualising my estate and I was told the AD server should not be converted using VMware converter but instead build new one and do DCpromo etc...
    This is easy enough but I need for the new AD to have the same name and IP address. The question is once I build new AD on VMware can I demote the 2nd AD, decommission and then change the IP and the name of the 3rd AD server?
    I hope some can help.

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    Re: Chaging IP of AD server

    It is still best practice to have one physical DC in your environment, especially if the host machines for the VMs are domain members.

    Why does the new DC need the same name -- IP is not a problem
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      Re: Chaging IP of AD server

      Here's how I would accomplish what you're trying to do.

      1. Leave the old DC (DC-1) and build a new virtual (DC-2).
      2. Demote DC-1 to a member server and remove it from the environment.
      3. Leave DC-2 and build a new virtual naming it DC-1 using old DC's IP address.
      4. Demote DC-2 to a member server and remove from the environment.

      I general I think it's recommended to rebuild the DC vs. renaming it. Having said that, it is possible to rename a DC...

      Also as Ossian indicated, if your virtual infrastructure goes belly up it's most likely going to be much more difficult to recover without domain services.


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        Re: Chaging IP of AD server

        Thanks guys,

        The reason for changing the IP is our IP telephone system uses the DHCP and web server on that server to configure all phones in the group. As far as leaving a physical DC I will as I have 2 physical now. As far as infrastructure goes belly up, DC are not important. Start vCentre on any host then start DC etc.. vCentre is not reliant on login into any domain so I can't see any problems.



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          Re: Chaging IP of AD server

          Yes Wessam, you can do this. I did it for a client, for a very similar reason.

          first, build your new DC and give it an IP address
          Then, promote it, make sure all the replication works etc
          Transfer the master roles from the old DC to the new DC.

          now, wait til you're out of business hours, as things need to be shutdown/restarted.

          Demote the old DC.
          Change it's IP Address.
          Change the ip address of the NEW DC to what you want it to be
          on the new DC, run "ipconfig /registerdns"
          reboot the new DC
          all the other computers may ALSO need a reboot, as they have a secure channel with a different computer

          now, if you really needed to, shutdown and remove from the domain the Old_DC, and then add a DNS entry, pointing to the correct IP address. (I beleive this step is unneccessary though)

          that should take care of it for you.
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