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windows update problems on fresh install of winXPpro

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  • windows update problems on fresh install of winXPpro

    new install winXPpro w.sp1 on abit an7 AMDXP3000+ 512MB ATI9800pro.

    when accessing windows update, the scan for updates works fine.

    but when i try to click on the links to the separate update categories ("critical", "windows xp" or "drivers") i get a time out.

    after trying the solutions on teh site for errors in windows update i noticed that i can select critical updates only and install them (at least that...).

    but i still cannot get the windows xp updates or driver updates.

    this happened even after reformating and installing again.

    has anyone ever encountered this behavior?
    does anybody have an idea on a fix?

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    different nic

    if you are connecting to the web through an ob nic, first you have to install all drivers that comes whith mother board disk. if you did that and its doesnt help, try to install different nic and get the updates.


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      Re: different nic

      i installed all the drivers for the mobo and can connect properly to the web. i can even get the critical updates from the windows update website, but not the other update types.
      i tried adding a separate pci nic but got the same behavior...