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Replication time between 2 machines

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  • Replication time between 2 machines

    I have one AD running with 6 machines replicating each other... 4 of them replicate fine but found out 2 of them are not replicating at the same time..

    takes about 60 minutes or so for the information to get replicated..

    I was doing a DNS change and noticed the time difference.. rest of the machines was updated within 2 mins while the other 2 machines took a long time..

    I followed these this instruction as well :

    went into the registry and could not find this value: Replicator notify pause after modify at all

    so I manually added the value and did a reboot on both of them and waited for a while and tried a test still no go..

    I went into event viewer -> frs logs and there was no error messages for todays date..

    If I force the replication, it works great.. Any ideas? Thank you for your help..

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    Re: Replication time between 2 machines

    Go into Active Directory Sites and Services.

    Open the relevant Site.

    Open Servers.

    Click on NTDS Setting and you should see the relevant connections for that server.

    Right Click on a server and select properties, click on View schedule and ensure that the replication schedule is set to what you want.


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      Re: Replication time between 2 machines

      In addition to checking the replication schedule, make sure to check the replication interval in your site link settings.


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        Re: Replication time between 2 machines

        For some strange reason did not get notified there was a reply....

        Thank you for your help .. Changed the times