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Windows 2003 DHCP Replication

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  • Windows 2003 DHCP Replication

    Hi Guys! It's me again ^^

    We actually have 2 DNS server. They replicate between each other, so that if one crash, the other one keeps the company online. THis is a normal setup

    But for the DHCP, Only the first server is doing DHCP. I would like to get the same thing for the DNS, which means replication, but for DHCP. All DHCP config will go on the second server. So if the first server crash, the other one will be the DHCP server.

    if I set the same configuration of the 2 server, will t his drop the performance? Since, one wil try to give IP to, and the other will also try, and maybe one will assign IP, other one will try, first one will come back.. I don't know if I expalin well ^_^

    Anyway, you want understand what I want to do. the 2 server are Windows 2003 Standar Edition SP2, so I do not think the cluster service is in that edition.

    Thanks for any help


    P.S. BTW sorry if a moderator can take the topic to DHCP (in networking), I didn't saw that section, I was searching to fast :S sorry

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    Re: Windows 2003 DHCP Replication

    You want to create a "split" DHCP scenario between the two servers. Basically you want to have:

    1. A scope on each server that is sufficient to service all of the DHCP clients.

    2. These scopes should not overlap.

    If you can't create a scope large enough on both servers without overlapping, then simply create a scope on the second server that matches the first server, set the same scope and\or server options, and shut down the DHCP service on the second server. If the first server fails you can start the DHCP service on the second server. Note that this requires manual intervention on your part.

    If you don't want to manually start the DHCP service on the second server, and if you can't create scopes on both servers to accomodate all of the clients, then you can split the scope across both servers with the understanding that some clients won't be able to get an ip address if the first server fails.


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      Re: Windows 2003 DHCP Replication


      Thanks for your answer.

      I think the best choic would be to stop service but copy configuration, since computer use reservation, since we use a router wilh live user (normaly working with WMI queries, but it seems I really can't enable this on most of the computer, so it use IP address). so I don,t want people connecting from VPN getting old IP by a computer and get restriction.

      I think I'll make same configuration on the second server, and do it manually if there is a problem.

      By the way, replication of DHCP, instead, would need a Entreprise Edition with Cluster service?