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Removing standalone CA

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  • Removing standalone CA

    There was a standalone CA built in my org for testing purposes.

    It was joined to the domain.

    I want to remove it and build a new CA structure.

    Maybe I missed something, but all I found on removing a CA had to do with enterprise CA's.

    There are no pending certs. There were only a few certs issued, including a couple user certs (all but 1 is expired) and my domain controllers.

    Can I just uninstall the cert service and shut down the box?

    Well, turns out maybe it is an enterprise CA - I have a "Certificate Templates" folder that is populated. It wasn't until I moved the system to a new vlan which had access to the domain controllers it didn't have before. I am still curious about the question above as I searched and searched for an answer and didn't come up with anything. Guessing others are in my shoes, so an answer would at least help them.
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