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Domain Root disconnected

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  • Domain Root disconnected

    I have taken over support of a 2003 Forest with a Root Domain with 1 DC and a child domain with 1 DC.
    The only DC in a the Root Domain has been removed from the network for politcal reasons! leaving the Child Domain with only 1 DC and the registered clients. IT has been offline for 2 months! I am not allowed to put the Root DC back on the live network. I intend to setup an identical network in a lab and bring the Root DC online there, then take the child domain DC off the live network and place it on the lab network. I then intend to add a second DC to the lab network and transfer the FSMO roles to the new server allow replication, demote the original DC and take the new Root DC and the child DC back to the live network! would this work?

    Grateful for any advice


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    Re: Domain Root disconnected

    Can you please explain what political reasons could take a DC off line -- you are now very close to tombstone time.

    What is your live network going to do while the DCs are absent? Don't expect things to work!

    In theory, if the root DC is still communicating with the child DC, your strategy will work -- although I would just switch off all other machines and use the real network but there may be problems with newly joined clients, users and <deity of your choice> knows what!
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      Re: Domain Root disconnected

      The Domain was created by a support group who have been removed from the site and a new support group of which I am a member employed to take over running the system. As part of this process the Forest Root DC has been removed from the live network and will not be allowed back on (despite my protestations). I am aware that there will be problems with the suggested fix but I dont seem to have any alternative. I assume I cannot seize roles to the child.


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        Re: Domain Root disconnected

        If it does tombstone, search this site as there is a way to "untombstone" it and replicate again.

        I fail to understand the "political" reason. Do they not know what a um, situation they have created?

        I would suggest you CYA and advise them in writing what the consequences of their actions could result in if things go pear shaped. Once it is in writing they cannot deny you told them and as a result blame you for their decision.
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