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Network Printing - AD integration

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  • Network Printing - AD integration

    Howdy guys,

    We have a high school network with roughly 1000 users and 10 network printers.. We obviously cant let these users (80% of them are students) print unlimited amounts pages so we set limits for both students and teachers alike.

    We currently use a program called PrintControl by Northern, which, while it does the job, creates problerms cause it uses net send (messenger service) to send the quota information to the user. This in itself isnt the problem; the students are making batch files with thousands of lines (some rude etc) which gets sent to the whole domain using the

    Net Send * <message>


    Anyhow, to the actual question
    Do any of you other network admins use a program like the one mentioned above which allows you to set print restrictions on users within the AD (i mean it has to be able to read the AD, it doesnt have to be actually in the AD as an option.. it can be an external program).
    It absolutely cant use messenger service whatsoever, itd actually be handier if there was a client which ran from the status bar thing (clock) which could tell them the amount of credits whenever they click it etc.

    If anyone has any recommendations thatd be cool, i thought i might do some research as to what other admins use as you might have been through the same process.


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    Re: Network Printing - AD integration

    Papercut is used extensively in Victorian Govt schools. However I have never used it so I can't attest to how it works but it may be worth checking out. Note that they have an Educational tab on their homepage.
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