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Windows 2003 FTP Server Migration

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  • Windows 2003 FTP Server Migration

    Please tell me if this is the right approach and please give me advice soon.

    We have an old Windows 2003 R2 with FTP. It currently hosts 200 FTP accounts. The problem is that it is on an old hardware and FTP server keeps crashing.

    I have built a replacement server 2003 R2 into our domain with a different name of course and installed FTP. Used adduser command to recreate 200 accounts from old FTP srever and groups. Setup permissions exactly as the old one and tested FTP functionality locally using different accounts. All is good for now.

    I will be renaming the old FTP server and shutting it down. Rename the new FTP server the same server name as the old one and assign the same IP addresses and boot up the server.

    Will the FTP functionality still work? This is not going to screw up my permissions will it and will i be able to hit the server from outside like the old one (DNS)?

    thank you in advance.

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    Re: Windows 2003 FTP Server Migration

    I do not think there would be any permissions problems after the FTP server is demoted / replaced with the new Windows FTP Server, provided that all users and Files are in place on the newly built FTP server.