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DFS replication on replaced hardware

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  • DFS replication on replaced hardware

    Upgraded a Win 2003 standard R2 domain controller in a home office from a Dell Precision 380 to a 390 with more RAM and dual core. I simply took the RAID configured HD's out of the 380, put them in the 390, made the necessary raid adjustments, Static IP settings, etc and everything came up fine. DNS, DHCP, AD all fine (seemingly). The DC name did not change, the IP stayed the same, everything. Basically just an HD swap to the 390. The only issue I have run accross is DFS is not replicating changes to/from this machine. I stopped and started DFS service on the Namespace server and this remote server. My topology test came back successful. DFS is replicating to all the other servers fine.

    I searched the forum here but did not find a like case. If I missed it, please let me know and I'll dig deeper. Otherwise, any ideas are appreciated.