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"Proper" Internet Connection Sharing on a dialup

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  • "Proper" Internet Connection Sharing on a dialup

    I have 3 W2K machines on a workgroup at home. I have a router with 4 port switch that I bought in expectation of broadband arriving. However, currently I still have to use my dial-up ISP. I don't like it, but I have activated MS ICS on the PC that has the modem (and buggered around with the IP configuration on the other boxes AND the remote MP3 music players around the house: Grrr) to allow the other PCs to access the internet.

    I know that Signor Petri dislikes ICS even more than I, but does anyone know of the correct way to set up my home network to avoid this heinous piece of Uncle Bill's software?

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    I used to use an older version of this and it was free for 2 or 3 systems. Don't know if that is still the case. Might be worth a look.

    Found this one after searching for "free proxy server" on Google.

    Check it out.
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      Well, Mr Biggles. There are clearly plenty more flying days left in you yet.

      Wingate seems to charge, but your Google search came up with AnalogX Proxy ( It seems just the trick. I have left Uncle Bill's ICS far behind now, and am now settled comfortably in the IP range that I want. I am also running McAfee firewall (4.02) on the gateway machine. Is that necessary or does the proxy server make that redundant? I assume the client PCs on the network do not need additional firewall protection.

      If there is a resource that I could study to learn more about how firewalls actully work, I would be most grateful if you could point me in the right directio. Most of the Google results I have come up with are either from firms trying to sell me their product, or DEEPLY technical papers.

      Many thanks for your help so far. I am delighted.

      Kind regards