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Error on NAT

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  • Error on NAT

    I want to install NAt on 2003 Sp1 from begining.
    I did these as Microsoft Recommend

    4. Click Use this public interface to connect to the Internet, and then click the network adapter that is connected to the Internet. At this stage you have the option to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your network. To do so, click to select the Enable security on the selected interface by setting up Basic Firewall check box.

    and these :

    In the NAT/Basic Firewall Properties dialog box, click the Address Assignment tab.
    5. Click to select the Automatically assign IP addresses by using the DHCP allocator check box. Notice that default private network with the subnet mask of is automatically added in the IP address and the Mask boxes. You can keep the default values, or you can modify these values to suit your network.
    6. If your internal network requires static IP assignment for some computers -- such as for domain controllers or for DNS servers -- exclude those IP addresses from the DHCP pool. To do this, follow these steps: a. Click Exclude.

    Should I do any thing Else to complete Process ?
    I have 2 Problem most of the time

    1:when I want to contact from another Workstation.I see the error which tells me "the port is Required for Remore Router?

    2: Icould Connet to server as VPN but I can not Connect to internet?

    what should I do?

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    Re: Error on NAT

    Please review:

    Also, the port that you try to use it open on the local NAT server.
    Foe example, allow users to connect to there workstation via TCP 3389 will be drop if the NAT server allow to access him via TCP 3389 (RDP).

    You can skip this problem by:

    1. Setup few public IP on the NAT machine and then configure it
    so the NAT server will listen to one IP and then the others will be
    Available for routing.

    2. Setup the client to use other port, like TCP 3390 for RDP.


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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