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Folder Redirection not letting go of old Server

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  • Folder Redirection not letting go of old Server

    I recently moved users redirected My Docs to a new server(lgs-nas-01). Everything looks good on the server but clients are giving me problems.

    If a user logs onto a computer where they don't currently have a profile then redirection works fine, but if they already have a profile on that computer that was previously pointing to the old server then the folder redirection will not change to the new folder even though they have a mapped drive to the same location and can access everything just fine like that. Or I can manually change the My documents location to the new server and it works fine.

    I'm getting event ID 107 on those situations.
    Failed to perform redirection of folder My Documents. The folder is configured to be redirected from <\\lgs-web-1\LGS\Junior_High\Student\User\lguser> to <\\lgs-nas-01\LGS\Junior_High\Student\User\lguser>. The following error occurred:
    The directory name is invalid.

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    Re: Folder Redirection not letting go of old Server

    Are these computers running XP SP3 by any chance?

    This looks like the old fdeploy.dll problem.

    I know there have been countless issues with the SP3 version of fdeploy.dll.

    Try replacing the SP3 version of the file with a SP2 version on an affected PC and then trying the same process again.

    if this works, you can always push out the SP2 fdeploy to all affected PCs and this should resolve your problem.

    let me know the results.

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      Re: Folder Redirection not letting go of old Server

      Had the same problem.

      How did you move the user my docs? If you are using W2K8 R2 it will do that through group policy. If you did it manually it will cause an issue. If you take the old server off line before the user has logged on with the new redirection, it will also cause this error.

      If everyone has been moved over, you can always turn off the moving of the user data in group policy. I believe that is what I was forced to do in the end...



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        Re: Folder Redirection not letting go of old Server

        This is because folder redirection is stamped in the user profile in numerous locations in .ini files as well as the registry hives. Those locations are not removed unless a GPO is applied to remove them. Use GPO to adjust the file location path or to turn it off. This will make the neccesary configurations in the user profile.