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  • internet radio

    i believe windows2003 server is capable of becoming an online internet radio server. b ut i cant find enough info/details on setting it up. any help or materials i can look into. thanks


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    Re: internet radio

    y do it need to be Server OS?
    you can use a software like shoutcast. and use winxp or another OS
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      Re: internet radio

      There is a good selection of sites that can assist.
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        Re: internet radio

        why buy shoutcast if i can do it anyway in win2k server if its capable. i believe media encoder is free. i can broadcast mp3 files but what i want to do i broadcast live like news etc.


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          Re: internet radio

          after checking shoutcast is says it recommends/must use winamp. i just want windows media player and i think wma is of better quality. so i'll just stick on windows 2003 as my streaming server for my and xp as my encoder pc.

          i hope i can also get some net structure set-up and step-by-step process to make it work. thanks