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  • Wsus

    hi guys,

    have deployed wsus server, and testing some gpos

    all works fine, but have a few qs.

    does it have to be logged in to download and install the updates?

    i was thinking of using wol to wake the workstations up and night, let it pull down updates install them, and wallah.

    but i think it needs to be logged in.

    how the hell do you manage patches effectively with WSUS

    unless of course i set the policy to download, and when the user shuts down it goes off and installs... but its not what i really want

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    Re: Wsus

    Client machines do not need to be logged on to update, as long as "auto install" is configured via GPO.

    There are lots of ways of managing patches in WSUS -- my preferred option (but this is with relatively small networks (< 500 clients) is to:
    Create groups for:
    Servers (subgrouped by OS)
    Clients (ditto)
    Office (by version)
    Role (DC, Exchange, SQL, WSUS, TS etc)

    Assign computers to one OS group and other required ones -- takes time

    Set updates to only download if required

    Approve updates for relevant groups -- takes a lot of work and time but I have a fully approved upstream server I can sync from so now it is a brief check for unapproved updates once a week or so. Some update auto approval rules are set (definitions, re-releases)

    Also have a second WSUS synchronised from the first one. If one dies, you have not lost everything, it is just a case of re-aiming the clients.
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      Re: Wsus

      ok thanks.

      i have tested my wake up script.

      so technically with the right GPOs set, once powered up
      the client can check for downloads, auto install on the schedule specified in the policy.

      will test this out, if it works then im a very happy man!