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Frequent warning msg in Event Viewer

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  • Frequent warning msg in Event Viewer

    On our Windows 2000 Server DC, I got the following error message occuring very frequently (once or twice every minute) in the Application section of the Event Viewer:

    Source: WinMgmt
    Event ID: 8
    Type: Warning
    Description: Failed to create a backup repository for use when recovering a corrupt repository. Check there is enough disk space.

    I have attached a screenshot of the entry

    Now I have 25Gb free on the C Drive and 200+Gb free on the D Drive.

    Any ideas on what is causing the problem and how to fix it?

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    Re: Frequent warning msg in Event Viewer

    Have a read.
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      Re: Frequent warning msg in Event Viewer

      Thanks - I'll give it a try.

      Edit: Problem solved! Thanks very much!
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        Re: Frequent warning msg in Event Viewer

        and the solution was?
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          Re: Frequent warning msg in Event Viewer

          Quote from

          "This could be due to insufficient security access to the "<%SystemRoot%>\System32\WBEM\Repository", insufficient disk space or insufficient memory.

          The very last sentence in M255629 mentions:
          "IF the previous steps do not work then delete all files in the %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\WBEM\Repository folder and restart the computer or server."
          I only follwed this advice from the article and it worked.

          In my %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\WBEM\Repository I only had two files:
          After moving the files and restarting both Windows Management Instrument services the event never reappeared when the machine was left on for sometime. I rebooted eventually to make sure the event didn't come back and it didn't. In %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\WBEM\Repository I now have 3 files:
          Don't forget to delete the original files you moved."