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  • HP Data Protector Express

    Hi Friends,

    We are facing the issue with HP Data Protector express software, while restorations of the data from the backup tapes..

    We are able to take the backup by using the HP data protector software through the Tape drive (HP Ultrium), but the problem is, when we are trying to take the restoration, the particular tape drive is not detecting.

    Please help on this...

    Backup tool : Data protector Express
    Tape Drive : HP Storage Works ULTRIUM 1760 SAS External Tape Drive & HP P212/256 Smart Array Controller
    Tape cartridges : LTO type..

    Please help me in resolving this issue...

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Re: HP Data Protector Express

    How are you restoring the data? Are you using the same same software to perform the restore as you are the backup? If so, there should not be any problem recognising the tape drive, assuming the backup was successful.

    What does the log for the application show? Any errors. Also, check the host machine's Windows Application Event Log for errors/warnings related to the application and the system log for any warnings/errors related to the tape drive.
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