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  • Cal's

    Hi all

    i want to know and finelly understand what CAL's are..

    i bought sbs2000 with 5 cals , what does that means?

    that only 5 users can work on the server ?!?!

    how can i buy more cals ? is it a software update ? a serial number ? a key ?

    how can i tell how much cals i have on my server ?

    is cal should be installed only on the DC , thats mean that if i have a MX server near the DC he dont need CAL's ?

    thanks, need ansers.

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    Re: Cal's

    A CAL is a client access license (CAL), SBS 2000 has 5 of them built-in. To buy more CALs, contact Microsoft in your area. Please note that every server in your network needs CALs.

    For answers to your questions, have a look at the following page:

    How to configure licensing on an additional Windows server in an SBS network

    You also might find the SBS 2000 page at Microsoft: