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Permission Level to install updates-Win 2003

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  • Permission Level to install updates-Win 2003


    I have few windows 2003 work group servers in my domain. I want to create a local user account for the patch management admin for the sole purpose of installing windows updates.

    Which local group can I make him a member so he has the least level of permission just to download and install updates?

    I would like to minimize the permission level because of the security reasons on the servers.

    Insaf Muhammed
    System Admin
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    Re: Permission Level to install updates-Win 2003

    considered using WSUS ?

    Also - wouldn't this have been covered in your MCSE and MCTS training... ?
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      Re: Permission Level to install updates-Win 2003

      Additionally, while I don't object necessarily to limiting what a user can get up to, I do think that someone who's given credentials to logon interactively to a server should be someone you trust not to arse about on there. If you don't have that faiith in them, then don't let them in.
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