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Windows Integrated Authentication

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  • Windows Integrated Authentication


    I have a site on IIS6, that works with Windows Integrated Authentication, no anonymous.
    When user browses to site first time by IP address, the site gets his credentials automatically (site is added to Local Intranet by IP, by machine name, and by FQDN). When I try to browse by IIS name (machine name or FQDN), the Internet explorer pops up login window and does not get the credentials the user enters manually. I want it to work automatically, like in case with IP.

    It's obvious I am missing something basic here, that has something to do with SPN, Kerberos etc. Can you point me to any article on the subject or tell me what is the problem?

    Thank you.

    Data, that may be helpful:
    IIS Server, client machine, and user are members of the same domain.
    Site runs classic ASP and .net
    Site uses the pool with domain application user identity
    When I do nslookup on the machine name, I get right response from DNS. The name is not in hosts file.
    No SPN was defined for this service/app user/machine.

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    Re: Windows Integrated Authentication

    Have you added the http:// and https:// to the FQDN and server name added to the Intranet zone?

    So, and maybe even http://* etc.


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      Re: Windows Integrated Authentication

      this topic feels abandoned. I usually give an IIS reset when I change authenitcation on my webserver as IIS is sometimes just weird =-)
      Please give points where appropriate

      <I dont create ready scripts for you, but I'm willing to point you in the right direction>


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        Re: Windows Integrated Authentication

        Originally posted by Silver23 View Post
        this topic feels abandoned.
        Not really -- it's fairly normal here for a number of questions to be asked and the OP doesnt come back for a while.... and then very often only to say that format c: solved all their problems
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