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RRAS Connects, but can't go anywhere!?

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  • RRAS Connects, but can't go anywhere!?

    I have Win2k3 setup with RRAS with a single NIC (behind a good firewall). As a quick fix to a short-term issue, I setup RRAS to do nothing but allow for VPN Access into the network.

    When I connect from the outside, the VPN connects, authenticates and gives me an IP Address from the local DHCP Pool. From there, I can ping the gateway of the RRAS Server, the local IP of the RRAS Server and the localhost...but that's it. Everything else times out.

    I ran the custom config for RRAS and only selected the VPN option. It is enabled as a router as well (be default) and, like I said, it authenticates to AD and everything great. Just no traffic other than locally.

    This has been an easy setup for me in the past. I compared settings to 2 other servers we've setup in the past and they look identical, except this one shows a 'Connected' 'INTERNAL' Interface and a Local Area connection interface. The others either have no 'internal' or the 'internal' is not active (where it is on this server).


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    Re: RRAS Connects, but can't go anywhere!?

    When you try to ping other hosts, how are you doing it? By IP / hostname / FQDN?

    Is the subnet of the network you're dialling in to the same or different to the subnet you're dialling in from? I would anticipate that most people dialling in would be doing so from home, where they probably have a broadband router using a 192.168.0 or 192.168.1 subnet.
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      Re: RRAS Connects, but can't go anywhere!?

      Thanks for the reply.

      I'm pinging by IP address.

      Subnet is different (192.168.0.x at remote site, 10.0.250.x at vpn site).


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        Re: RRAS Connects, but can't go anywhere!?

        I've always seen the Internal connection - see screenshot.

        Could your firewall be blocking outgoing connections from the server to the network?
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