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iSCSI SAN Disks not showing on Passive Node in Cluster

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  • iSCSI SAN Disks not showing on Passive Node in Cluster


    We had a Windows Active/Passive Cluster for SQL 2005 installed by a consultancy about a year and a half ago and up until now I haven't touched it from a management perspective as our Dev Team work with this predominantly.

    On doing some maintenance across our servers I have noticed that the iSCSI Disks that appear on the Active Node don't all appear on the passive node and need to know if this is normal behaviour?

    Active has

    System (local)
    Quorum (iSCSI)
    Logs (iSCSI)
    Databases (iSCSI)

    Passive had

    System (local)
    Logs (iSCSI)

    The iscsi initiator showed the Logs drive under the Bound Volumes/Devices tab however there were two other entries that looked like


    I'm wondering if there is an issue with connecting to the other drives on the passive node or that once the passive node takes over these drives will magically appear.

    I restarted the box and the only drive that appeared was C: so I reset the target logons in iSCI initiator properties but to no avail.

    Under bound volumes I now have 3 volumes of \\?\mpio#disk&ven_hp&prod_msa3012i...etc. where on the active node they are listed with their drive letters.

    Anybody have any advice on how to proceed?