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RAS server problem

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  • RAS server problem

    Please help me! my users connect to the RAS server after few seconds it disconnect the user.

    please find error logged on the event logs.

    My RAS server runs on windows 2000.

    Event ID 1051: The DHCP/BINL service has determined that it is not authorized to service clients on this network for the Windows domain:

    Event ID: 20050 Source: Remote Access Description: The user Domain\User connected to port VPNx has been disconnected because the computer could not be projected onto the network.


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    Re: RAS server problem

    a) Are you positive your DHCP server is fully authorised in AD ? If not then authorise it.

    b) Ensure you only have 1 DHCP server running on your network.

    c) You can try and remove the DHCP server for AD Site and Services, then re-authorise.

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      Re: RAS server problem

      I have 2 DHCP servers which are both authorised.

      I have reauthorised, no luck so far, am getting same error.

      I cant stop any of the DHCP server since each has different IP ranges.

      the system was working with this setup for quite long time, it has stopped in one week time.

      thanking you.


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        Re: RAS server problem

        For event id: 1051

        For event id: 20050;EN-US;q233048
        I know it relates to NT4.0 but have a read of the More Information paragraph and see if that applies to your setup.
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