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Preventing Users from Deleting Folders

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  • Preventing Users from Deleting Folders

    Hi everyone

    I have currently set up a shared folder on the server to which all users map at log in. "Everyone" has Full Control to it and any sub contents.

    Observing users clicking and dragging in Explorer makes me very anxious and so I would like to be able to prevent any Deletions of Folders or Files by any users, except those I nominate. I hope this would include preventing folders being moved in Explorer by mistake.

    As a result, I accept that if a new file or folder was given a name by mistake the user would have to create the correct one and get me to delete the other.

    I've had a brief look at Deny permissions but it did not seem to work and there appeared to be a clash with renaming. This might be a necessary side effect and Renaming may also have to be a request to me.

    Is what I am trying to do achievable and can anyone point me to a guide please ?

    Thanks David

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    Re: Preventing Users from Deleting Folders

    Please review:;en-us;555046


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      Re: Preventing Users from Deleting Folders

      well, first rule is NO user should ever have "FULL CONTROL" on anything. "MODIFY" is the most they get no matter how much they complain.
      otherwise you end up with some numpty user rearranging folder permissions and you then have to come in, take ownership, and rearrange the permissions.
      messing around with "deny" can become a tricky business when you need to figure out who has what kind of permissions on a folder/file.

      we always assign permissions to groups to a folder. 1 group has "read & execute" and the other group has "modify" permissions. users become members of the respective groups depending on what they need to do. that's it.

      "modify" does not include the permissions to delete subfolders and files.
      this means the user can delete an individual file but not the whole folder or a subfolder and thereby, everything in it.

      you could still go into the advanced options and untick "delete" but that will cause a problem with the *.tmp files word and excel create. every change you make to such a file creates another *.tmp file until the main file is closed.
      if you deny a user the permission to "delete", the *.tmp file are not deleted and you'll end up with a load of *.tmp files and a shortage of disk space.

      so, it's kind of a compromise. we let some users have delete permissions and they are, thereby responsible for what is in a folder. if they accidentally delete something, we restore it from the backup. much less hassle then having to do everything for the user.
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        Re: Preventing Users from Deleting Folders

        Thanks for the replies - I'll certainly look to reduce permissions from full control asap.

        We are a small business with user that I would say are generally very careful and do not interfere with any "system" things. What I am after is preventing them mistakenly deleting things. Of course we have a daily backup but it would be a shame if things went missing at close of play before that night's backup has run.

        Anyway thanks for the guidance.



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          Re: Preventing Users from Deleting Folders

          If you are running WIndows 2003 server, Shadow Copy might be worth looking at. Won't stop them deleting, but you will be able to recover the deleted files.

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