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Win2K3 - Clipboad using all VM, rdpclip.exe. Win7 seems to be the culprit.

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  • Win2K3 - Clipboad using all VM, rdpclip.exe. Win7 seems to be the culprit.

    This is the first post remotely relevant to my situation.
    My clients run server 2003 Virtual Machines as a platform for an automated trading platform at a Data Center with minimum latency to brokerage order server. The system has been in place for over 18 months without incident. Access to server 2003 VM has been done with RDP from both XP Pro and Vista Home Premium.

    In order to manage client accounts 100 at a time a i7 930 12 Gig 6 monitor system was built. Win 7 is causing the server 2003 TS to use outrageous amounts of memory assigned to rdpclip without even a ^C being used during session. It sis suspected that the win7 clipboard must be causing an issue with the server 2003 memory.

    Stating to kill and restart the rdpclip session is not an acceptable answer, there is either a bug in the Win7 client or the clip board is being duplicated over and over, At one point it was seen to be cranking up a meg a second.

    Restart the server 2003 and connecting with XP Pro for hours holds the rdpclip less than 4 Meg.

    Reconnecting with Win 7 in less than an hour racks up several hundreds of meg

    This is a grave issue as the client VM's only have 512 Meg available and run into service charges when the system usage is exceeded. In worst case it racks up 2 Gig of lost memory assumed to be paged and not tallied by task manager.

    Am currently trying disable of clipboard at the client side, but this does not help the management VM which I need to have rdpclip available.

    If a solution is not available I would like to know how and where to file a bug report regarding win7 and rdp. This is a productivity blocking issue as well as severely compromising the ability to trade.

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    Re: Win2K3 - Clipboad using all VM, rdpclip.exe. Win7 seems to be the culprit.

    Please do not hijack another Member's thread. Always start your own so answers to each Member do not get confused. Also by tacking your post to the bottom of an old thread, it would not have gotten the attention it requires.

    Now, have you read all the links that were proved in the posts on the thread where you initially posted?
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