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Managing Network Ip Adress

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  • Managing Network Ip Adress

    I have a 40 computer iny my 2000 server network,

    the problem is that most of them is still 98 Os.

    in DHCP i see half of the actuall working clients, some 98 dont display in the DHCP manager even if they got ip adress from it.

    is it smart to manage a network with static ip ill configure the clients, or its better to leave it as it is ?

    what are the benefits if any by running a static ip network ? (40clients)

    if ill configure all 40 clients manually and keep a list of all ips, is there anyway to see from the server what computers connected to it with which ip (such as the DHCP manager screen but only for fixed IPs) ???


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    Re: Managing Network Ip Adress

    There no real problem to use static IP if you arent using latptops and you have time to track the IP/computer name table.

    Why to use DHCP in small LAN?

    1. There no need to create table of IP/Computername/Owner.
    2. There easy way to work with laptops.

    You can combine this two ways by using "Reservations" = Allow to the DHCP
    to setup IP for client for checking the client network card MAC access and providing the same IP address to it.
    This will help you to track table of IP/Computername/Owner and give the
    client the same IP each time.


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Managing Network Ip Adress

      in reservation i must add mac address of each computer , how can i found his mac adress ?


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        Re: Managing Network Ip Adress

        find it , tried it , nice, but i dont find it for what i look for.

        anyway, is there anyway after i configure all as static ip to see it in a list ?


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          Re: Managing Network Ip Adress


          I've seen much larger networks use static IPs, it's ok as long as you don't mind the extra overhead with the administration and documentation.

          You can use a combination of software/script/excel to document your network, no problem. Here are just 2 examples, I'm sure you can find more:

          Quickly Find Used IP Addresses:

          Quickly Find Used IP Addresses - GUI:


          Daniel Petri
          Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services
          MCSA/E, MCTS, MCITP, MCT


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            Re: Managing Network Ip Adress

            thanks , all your help was appritiated.