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print jobs being paused

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  • print jobs being paused

    dear all, apologies if this is in the wrong place i spent ages trying to decide where to post it.

    i have 2 printing issues.

    we run clients with xp pro sp3 and office 2003.

    our servers are all 2003 except one 2000 which has software on it that needs an upgrade before we upgrade it to 2003.

    the printing issues are that i have one user that prints from an xp machine, through a 2003 print server and to an oki 5700cn printer, and it pauses his print jobs all the time, adobe (full and reader), powerpoint etc all pause. i thought as he could print to a b&w printer that it was a driver issue and have tried several drivers to no avail. but if i google for a solution it would seem that its a known issue printing from xp through 2003, but none of the links i see have a solution, anyone know one, or do i need to rebuild his machine?

    also we have dropped ie8 via wsus to all 400 machines, but now i have an issue printing from the internet via the server. the print q just sits there saying printing, then error and jams up.

    we use a piece of software called ranger print manager to charge back printing to accounts, but if i switch this off neither problem goes away.

    does anyone have a fix for either problem at all please or a link to a workaround etc

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    Re: print jobs being paused

    Did you install the OKI using the install CD and the associated Wizard (just guessing that it has one)? Did it create a special Port, like Lexmark does or did it use the Standard TCP/IP port? If t creates a special port then try a manual install using a Standard TCP/IP port and give it a different name so it isn't confused with the OKI. If that doesn't work, try changing the driver to one that it can emulate, usually a Laserjet II and see if that works.

    You will have to check to see what it can actually emulate.
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      Re: print jobs being paused

      hi, problem is i have tried all of that, i used the oki stuff and have done it as a tcpip port. i have tried generic pcl5 and 6 drivers, postscript etc and no change.

      all the symptoms except one said it was a server driver issue. the only thing is it only happens to one guy.

      googling for it seems to indicate its a known issue and a full rebuild is the only fix.

      any more suggestions as i am sure i have missed something?