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  • Windows 2003 Server Shared Folder


    I have a Windows 2003 Server which I use as a file server. If I map a shared folder on that machine as V: and I copied a file : V:/folder1/file1.ext to V:/folder2/file1.ext it takes a very long time even though the copy of the file is being made on the same folder on the same drive. Cut and paste seems to take the the same time too (more or less).

    From what I have read previously this happens because the file gets copied to my local machine before it gets copied to folder1. I cannot seem to find any information on this now. Can someone verify this, please?

    Is there anyway, I can speed this up or make the copy on the server itself? I know if I have remote desktop I could do it on the server itself but that is not an option.

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    Re: Windows 2003 Server Shared Folder

    How much time does it take and what size of file are talking about? Do you experience this with all files?

    A bit more about your network setup would also be useful.
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      Re: Windows 2003 Server Shared Folder

      The file I want to copy is a vmware disk file which is about 40GB. (To perform manual clone) The time it takes for 40 GB is about 150mins. If I copy the 40GB file on the server itself it takes about 7 to 15 mins.

      My network is a corporate network and the local machine and the remote server are on different network segments and I am not privy to what exactly is between, but this should not matter. The problem persists even if I connect to another server in the same network segment (i.e the only thing separating the 2 servers is a switch)
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        Re: Windows 2003 Server Shared Folder

        sounds like it's not recognise two mapped network drives as being on the same source.
        I suspect this is behaviour by default.

        It needs to cross your network interface to do so. You could observe this to be sure by running task manager and observing network utilisation.
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          Re: Windows 2003 Server Shared Folder

          Are you copying the file(s) when on the Server or via mapped drives on your workstation?
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            Re: Windows 2003 Server Shared Folder

            Hi Tehcamel and biggles

            It happens on both mapped and UNC paths. Actually it's not even 2 mapped drives. Assuming share is mounted on Z: and if I copy Z:/folder1/file1.txt to Z:/folder1/file2.txt

            If i copy the D:/Folder1/file1.txt to D:/Folder1/file2.txt it is much faster. But to do this I need to have remote access to the server. I am trying to avoid this. Hence my post.


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              Re: Windows 2003 Server Shared Folder

              If you can't / won't RDP to the server in question to copy the file, the only alternative to try is to connect thru a UNC rather than mapping a drive.

              At a Run prompt, type \\<servername>\d$ then Enter. This opens Windows Explorer to the hidden admin share of D:\. Right now you're copying the same file to a different name in the same folder, but you're doing it thru 2 different windows on your client PC, hence the traffic. But, if it's all done under the context of traffic inside the single window instance, it may be quicker. Copy the original file, then paste it back into the same window. It'll be named 'Copy of...', but a name change after the copy isn't anything.

              Good luck.
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                Re: Windows 2003 Server Shared Folder

                Hi Rickles,

                The copy is within the same window. UNC and mapped paths make no difference. Do you mean, for a local copy and a network copy it takes the same amount of time for you? You need to try with a large file.