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Directory Property consistency

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  • Directory Property consistency

    Hi, I am looking to find out why a directory's properties (byte count, folder count, & file count) would change if I cut said directory (with a set byte count, folder count, & file count) and pasted it on another level on the same drive in a Windows 2003 Server?

    I need to document that the directory's properties did not change from where it was cut to where it was pasted. I have been working on a number of directories where the byte count, folder count, & file count would increase 5 to 9 units when I pasted the cut directory to a level higher in the overall directory structure.

    I have hidden files & extensions showing on all directories in the server.

    Thanks, Joe

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    Re: Directory Property consistency

    Hi, joedo

    What exactly is changing? Are all the properties increasing? Is it possible that the folder is being used to store log files or something similar that are constantly being added?
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