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HP ML370 G4 not booting from cd

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  • HP ML370 G4 not booting from cd

    This sounds like a really stupid thing to be asking but has anyone had any issues with a HP ML370 G4 server not giving the option to boot from a CD? Iím trying to format an old server but there aint a boot up option to boot from the Windows disk.

    Iíve checked on the BIOS and the ROM setting boot order is:

    CD Drive
    Hard Disk

    Iíve also tried mapping a virtual drive through the iLO to a Windows image I have but I get the same Ė nothing, the server just boots into Windows.

    The one thing I did do is sett the override switch to disable the iLO password check so I could get into the iLO as I didnít have the correct password.

    Any suggestions how I can boot form the Disk?

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    Re: HP ML370 G4 not booting from cd

    Are you confident that your CD/DVD is bootable, try it on another device. In my experience the built in cd/dvd drives are very flaky after a few years. It might sound stupid but are you trying to boot from a DVD when in fact you only have a CD drive. Try an external CD/DVD usb device and see if that works.

    Best of luck.


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      Re: HP ML370 G4 not booting from cd

      Just a thought here .... have you attached a USB storage device, HDD or flash and left it in when you rebooted. My ML150 won't boot if I leave my WD 1TB external drive attached via usb it just won't do it. But unplug the usb and it springs back to life.
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        Re: HP ML370 G4 not booting from cd


        The Windows CD is 551MB so Im assuming its only a CD & not a DVD. The server is an old call recorder & has an extra DVD-RAM drive added. Ive tried the Win CD in both drives with no luck.

        Ive just tried copying my windows CD onto a USB mem stick & booting from the stick, I says

        Attempting to boot from CD-ROM
        Attempting to boot from Floppy (A
        Attempting to boot from USB Drive Key (C

        Disk Error
        Press any key to continue

        So it looks like it is trying to boot


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          Re: HP ML370 G4 not booting from cd

          Sucess.....well sort of

          I saw a message saying somethiogn about no compatable boot ROM.

          I checked the CD drives & the DVD-Ram was master. I disconnected it & set the HP drive to be master & the CD booted.

          Next problemo, I now see a message on the Windows setup screen which says it cant detect any hard drives.


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            Re: HP ML370 G4 not booting from cd

            Out of interest are you using Smartstart or just from Windows media. If you are using windows media its probably missing the appropriate device drivers. You can either use Smartstart (which in my experience can bring about a fresh set of problems) or slipsteam the drivers into your media using nLite



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              Re: HP ML370 G4 not booting from cd

              Iím booting straight from a Win CD but also downloading the smart start CD now.

              Iíve used Nlite before so might build a Win CD and give that go.

              Nothing's ever straight forward is it?


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                Re: HP ML370 G4 not booting from cd

                I finally got this baby setup using the Smart Start CD.

                You can download this from:



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                  Re: HP ML370 G4 not booting from cd

                  Great to hear the outcome. SmartStart is often the way to go when setting up new HPs. It streams the Proliant Support Pack into the installation and generally makes life happier. I have mixed feelings about that; I like to have different options... but alas. Particularly frustrating when you only have the budget to buy a low end DL server that doesn't support SmartStart CDs. But I'm not bitter.
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