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  • Install OS from the LAN

    Hi All,
    I have a computer (Dell Optiplex) with no monitor (...I`ve tried already to connect VGAout of the computer to my TV scart in order to use my TV as monitor...but no luck so far!!)
    So Im trying a different solution (...I know a secondhand monitor is not expensive, but I have no space in my living room and most of all I like to complicate things a little

    The idea is to remotely access it, but I don`t know the IP configured, if the RDC port is open and furthermore the OS installed.
    Maybe telnetting?
    I have a spare OS I can use, but how can I install it remotely from my laptop in the same LAN?
    Anyone has an idea I can start with?
    Thanks, very appreciated.

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    Re: Install OS from the LAN

    Difficult to install without some display -- can't you bring in a monitor on a temporary basis to see what OS is already on it -- if it is XP pro you can enable remote desktop and then use it from another PC
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      Re: Install OS from the LAN

      Yes I think that is the only solution I have .. to take home a temporary monitor.
      In the meantime I have connected the computer to LAN and run an IPscan from the laptop, and the result is that the computer has not been detected, so I guess it did not even picked up a valid IP from the DHCP.


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        Re: Install OS from the LAN

        If a monitor is not an option then maybe an IP KVM is.

        Just another option to think about.