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  • User internet restriction

    Hi all

    i wonder,

    is there anyway i cant deny from clients to surf on specific site on the net, like walla or ynet and stuff, or better, is there anyway i can configur what internet sites im allowing them to surf so i know they wont be sufing in sites that i didnt autorize ?

    im running SBS2000 with Excahnge and Isa server and NAV.

    thats all i got, so if there is anyway i can configure each client, or group what sites in the net im allowing it to surf itll be great.

    plz let me know if there is a way to do so.



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    Re: User internet restriction

    You can do this via ISA2000 but it's a lot of work unless you only want them to access a handful of sites. Create a destination set with all the URL you wish them to access, then setup your client policy to allow to this destination set and then the next step is to deny access to all others.

    The best way is to get some webfiltering software that integrates with your proxy (e.g. websense), these come with a pre-defined list of sites already categorised which you can allow\deny. Most also auto-update so you are always current.


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