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can ping but can't access the share

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  • can ping but can't access the share

    I have three 2000 servers , assume, 11 and 12. is sharing the files and no firewall has installed there.

    the problem is other 2 server can ping to but when try to access the share by ip or dns name like \\ and \\server1 . the error popup and saying " the network path was not found "

    i checked the File and Printer sharing in LAN properties. its already ticked.

    is there any solution to solve?


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    Re: can ping but can't access the share

    Supect some DNS issues here.

    Does this affect server to server or workstation to server or both.

    Which server / servers run DNS? Can you ping the servername as well as the IP from server to server?

    If workstation to server is affected try this

    From command prompt on affected workstation




    Wait a short while and try again.
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      Re: can ping but can't access the share

      Can you access the share by UNC path on their own server?
      (On Server1, do start--run and type \\server1)

      This will check the shares and associated services are working and allow us to concentrate on network issues

      Is this a domain or a workgroup?
      If a workgroup, do you have user accounts with the same name and password on each server?

      What are the share permissions?
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        Re: can ping but can't access the share

        Hi thanks for the reply.

        all are running 2000 servers. all are workgroup and in the own server can access by unc path on itself. only can't access from another two server.

        can ping with both IP and name from other servers.

        share permission is full access for everyone.

        all are logged in with Administrator account and i guess password are the same as they been working so long and i've assigned to check recently only.


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          Re: can ping but can't access the share

          What happens if you create a test share on .11 or .12 and try to access that share from .10 server both by using hostname and the ip address ?

          How many NICs do you have in .10 server ?

          Please check the server & workstation services under the services console if they are running.


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            Re: can ping but can't access the share

            Share permissions alone don't allow you to access a share--you need to set the NTFS permissions as well. Right-click on the share folder on the hosting server and go to Properties-Security tab. What level of access is defined? Since you're running a workgroup, try adding the Everyone group with Full Control to get it working, then adjust to only what's needed.

            You may want to create specific users on Server1 and assign separate NTFS perms for each, and hand out those creds as your workforce needs.

            Good luck.
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