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Windows 2003 cluster

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  • Windows 2003 cluster

    I am trying to create a win2k3 cluster inside vmware workstation or server, but I don't understand how the storage and quorum drive works. So I created the drives and every nod is configured with those shared drives. My question ... what is suppost to happen when I create a new folder on a drive (I did not configured 2k3 cluster service yet); that folder should be seen on both servers ?? because in my situation the folder is seen only by one server.


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    Re: Windows 2003 cluster

    Simply it won't work what you've briefed down.

    To configure microsoft clustering in VMWare workstation either you need to edit the vmx files for both the cluster nodes (error prone and sometimes stuck in failover testing) and create shared disk storage so that both the servers can see/access the storage at any given time or you can use any iSCSI software such as Openfiler, FreeNAS, Starwind etc. to present the shared volumes to the cluster nodes individually.

    Basically you need to have one iSCSI target and another iSCSI software initiator. I can suggest to use iSCSI softwares rather than modifying the .vmx files for the nodes. I've used quite a few iSCSI softwares and recommend to use Starwind iSCSI app as its very simple and user friendly. Go through the help file after installing starwind and you can roll.

    I assume that you're aware of the cluster configuration wizard and must have knowledge for it.


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      Re: Windows 2003 cluster

      I already done that (with iSCSI and edited the vmx), but what I don't understant in real enviroment too, not only in have formated your data and quorum drives, but did not yet configured the clustering service; if I create a folder or a file on one of those drives, that folder or file should be seen by the other one (the other server Node2) ??


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        Re: Windows 2003 cluster

        Clustering works with disk locking SCSI commands i.e. at any single point of time only one node can access the shared disk. When the first node (lets say node1) is down or say in cluster you have a fail-over from node1, the shared disk will be owned by the second node.

        As in shared disk, if you create a folder from node1 in the disk and then failover that disk to node2 , you can see that folder in node2 and vice versa.

        In brief, what ever you do in a shared disk, the activity will be seen by the nodes where you have presented this disk resource but only one node at a time can see the activity and access the disk resource otherwise there will data corruption.