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  • Port 139

    Is there any Network Security Risk,when Port 139 is open For internal and External Attacks.How can I close this port?

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    Re: Port 139

    Assuming you're not behind some sort of NAT device which by itself offers some protection for external traffic...

    If you're not behind a hardware firewall,

    Windows 2003, simply enable the built-in firewall, port 139 is blocked by default.

    Windows 2000, install some sort of firewall software to get the best protection.


    Internally many services may not function without Netbios, so you may not want to block internal traffic, so...

    For both (Win 2003/2000), make a firewall exception for local traffic.
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      Re: Port 139

      looking to close netbios port, lot me guess this is inspired by this worm thats going around taking advantage of systems with port 139 open? If you are concerned about this, microsoft has a patch you can apply to all your systems.