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Windows NTP sync issues

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  • Windows NTP sync issues


    I have a 2003 server that I have set up to query the following time servers:

    The event log shows me that it has correctly received the time information from each server, and it has synced on one occasion with and once with

    The reason I changed this in the first place was that the server was set to query a time server that was no longer responding.

    To my amazement, after restarting w32time, the clock went backwards 1 hour.

    My time zone is correctly set (-6 behind GMT), but windows is now setting a time 1 hour behind. Any ideas would be very appreciated.

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    Re: Windows NTP sync issues

    How amazingly bizarre.

    Apparently certain timezones were bugged and you have to download a hotfix to make daylight savings time work correctly in several editions of Windows Server....