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  • dualbooting

    im dualbooting on a laptop with xppro and win2k. what will be the effect of changing files that was create on win2k doing so when im on xp and viceversa concerning registry and restore points.

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    this topic

    is this topic is to complicated to answer or to stupid to deal with.


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      Brad Bentley


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        both ?

        it is like saying : the sun is shining in the night...


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          Ronker, your topic is neither too complex to answer nor too stupid (IMHO there are no stupid questions).

          It is just that it takes more than a few words to provide a decent answer and I know Daniel, as well as many mods, have been busy with other things recently.

          Please remember that this is a peer support forum -- answers are given when we have time available to gather the information required or if we can give a quick answer without too much searching. I presume you investigated Microsoft Support as well as Daniel's main site?

          Roughly: If one OS is not running, how will it know that files are changing? Therefore changes in Win2K will not get picked up by XP.

          If you are concerned about data security, think about drive mirroring (works with both OSes) or very regular backups of both your data and OS partitions.

          Hope this helps a bit -- I would go into more details but its 0dark30 and I'm preparing for a busy day

          All the best
          Tom Jones
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   is a good place to start with a search for "dual boot".
   - Have a look at the number of hits


   - Scroll down half a page

            Have a read and post back if you have any questions
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