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Roaming users and Document Location [Was: roaming info]

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  • Roaming users and Document Location [Was: roaming info]

    Hi everyone,
    Im a newby to servers, I `ve got some questions concerning roaming of users and computers that I cannot find an answer, maybe someone can ...

    Once Im logged on (from a computer/laptop) with domain credentials, where will all my documents be saved? On the server? Do I have to specify the path to my documents on the server?
    What if I don`t want to specify a different path the my C drive? Will my documents be saved locally on my computer even though I am logged as domain user?

    In order for me to log to the domain , both my user account and my laptop/computer account have to be authenticated/setup at the AD ?

    Thanks for your answers.

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    Re: roaming info

    Locally by default, but if you My Documents Redirection you can easily change that so that they are saved to a network share and follow you from machine to machine. Generally though you can save files wherever you like.

    You can authenticate to the domain on a non-domain member machine (E.g. by browsing to a fileshare) but you will be promopted for your domain credentials before you are allowed access.
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