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Computer and DC list empty in AD

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  • Computer and DC list empty in AD

    After a successful setup of a backup DC and upgrade on the primary DC from W2K to W2k3R2 on one of our networks week before last, it's time setup backup DC's for our other two networks. A couple of things I wondering about on these other DC's first though:
    on the first one, the Computer and the Domain Controller OU Containers are both empty in AD Users and Computers even though it's a fully functional DC.
    On the second one, the DC is listed in the computer Container and the Domain Controller Container is empty. The computer properties of the DC show that it's a DC even thought it's in the wrong Container and it's always worked with no issues.

    I ran dcpromo on the first one and it set it up as a backup DC with no problems - the computer container is populated with computers and the domain controller container shows both DC's in the OU of AD Users and Computers on the new backup DC but both lists are still empty on the original DC. How do I populate those lists in AD ?

    When I tried to run dcpromo on the second one, the first part of dcpromo does ok, then when AD tries to install, I get an error about the new computer account for new DC can't be modified as well as "Access Denied". I am positive that the domain administrator username, password and domain were entered correctly. Should I try to move the DC in AD from the computers container to the domain controllers container ? What all will be impacted by moving it, or should I leave it alone and look somewhere else for the problem dcpromo is having ?
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