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Active Directory Integrated DNS reinstall with Exchange

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  • Active Directory Integrated DNS reinstall with Exchange

    I've got a server running Windows 2003 with Exchange 2003 and Active Directory. There is only one dc. I was messing arround with new backup software trying to create an online software when I inadvertantly stuffed the c drive with a temp file that got too large. I didn't realize it for days. After everything was cleaned up, Active Directory integrated zone in DNS is not working. Event id 5153, made space and still doesn't work. I opened the zone file and it's empty. There is no backup that I know of. Exchange is still working. There are two zone files that are working, one of which is the zone I created for the email domain.
    How do I fix this mess I'm in without doing a complete rebuild. I'm tempted to reinstall DNS, but I don't know how badly it will hurt Exchange if I do.
    Anybody have any ideas?