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How do you get new 2003 CALs these days?

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  • How do you get new 2003 CALs these days?

    Hi there,
    We mostly deal with 2003 SBS servers and downgrading 2008 CALs for these is normally a case of emailing [email protected].

    We have now been asked to provide 2003 Standard CALS and we're being given the run around. Microsoft's website says you have downgrade rights till March 31st 2011 for all versions of 2008 and to email the above address.

    Direct Services tell us:

    We would like to inform you that we do not offer the CALs downgrade for Windows Server, only for Windows Small Business Server.
    They then refer us to our reseller.

    Our reseller (Ingram Micro UK) tells us that they are a "distributor" and we are the reseller and they don't get involved in any sort of downgrades.

    We've tried ringing the normal activation number and they say they can only do volume/open licenses.

    So there has to be someone on here who has tried to downgrade 2008 Standard CALs to 2003 Standard and found someone that knows how to do it at Microsoft..I hope!

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    Re: How do you get new 2003 CALs these days?

    AFAIK, since you do not actually enter any data for the CALs, as long as you have the correct number of paper 2008 CALs you can say thay are 2003 -- but of course, this IS the crazy world of MS licensing...
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      Re: How do you get new 2003 CALs these days?

      You don't have to enter any data for 2008 CALs if you are using them on a 2008 server, however this is an old server running 2003.

      It is currently refusing to accept connections from some of the computers (picked at random so playing merry hell with the mapped drives and folder redirection).

      So at the moment we have to get a downgraded code that we can enter into the 2003 licensing system..