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2010 Daylight Saving Time

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  • 2010 Daylight Saving Time

    We are using the automatic settings for DST for several years, every year a different fight...
    this year, although we started using WSUS and the KB976098 is now installed on all servers and stations, I'm still unable to shift backwards.
    I'm setting the workstation clock manually to 26/3/2010 1:59:55, wait 5 seconds and it shifts as expected.
    however, when i set the clock to 12/09/2010 1:59:55 the clock doesn't shift.

    i checked the registry and used timezone.exe /g
    the results are:
    Daylight Saving Time begins at 02:5:5:03
    Daylight Saving Time ends at 02:0:5

    Doesn't it this mean that the patch is wrong? it points to the fifth Sunday of September and not to the second!

    further more - i set the timezone manually to the so called correct settings, and it still won't shift!
    Daylight Saving Time begins at 02:5:5:03
    Daylight Saving Time ends at 02:0:2:09

    H E L P !!!! please.


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    Re: 2010 Daylight Saving Time

    Are these are the dates you are using? Sorry, having a brain fart at the moment and cannot compute.

    Are all the Servers fully patched?
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      Re: 2010 Daylight Saving Time

      Yes to both questions.
      the "start" time works as expected
      the "end" is not. it should be sept. 12 2010 - "second sunday of sept"