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File Server Inaccessible from particular computers

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  • File Server Inaccessible from particular computers

    Here's an odd intermittent file sharing problem that seems to make no sense and fixes itself after time.

    I have three files servers with multiple shares on each. They all run DFSR with two servers (NAS01 and NAS03) in production and one at a contingency site.

    We area hosted services provider with well over 100 Citrix app servers (Presentation 4.0) hosting several home grown apps and all the back end systems to support them.
    -Active Directory Domain (4 - 2003 DCs and 2 - 2008R2 DCs) 2003 Native
    -File servers running 2003R2SP2 Ent.

    Got a call yesterday about 4pm (CST) that users were getting an error that they could not connect to their profiles which are stored on the file servers. So I immediately start accessing shares from the admin station I'm using and have no difficulty. So I check some app servers to start verifying connectivity to the shares. What I find is very strange.

    When accessing a share (any share) on NAS01 from particular servers I get prompted for my credentials. When i put in my credentials it denies me access.
    So I try accessing the shares from another app server and get in just fine. The app servers are almost identical and are located in the same network segment.

    On the server being denied access I can hit any other file server in our network and get in just fine.

    After a period of time the problem seems to resolve itself.

    None of the systems have any access problems when connecting to NAS03.

    On a server being denied access I can ping, RDP, and telnet on 445 to NAS01.
    There are no denies in the event log of NAS01 or the server being denied access.

    So, why would I be able to access a file share from one system just fine but get prompted for credentials when accessing it from another system and be denied access even when putting in my credentials?
    Why would this problem just go away after a period of time?

    This problem reaccured today about 4pm as well.

    Right now I'm beating my head against the wall and would appreciate any insight you would be willing to share!

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: There is nothing special I can find that all the servers being denied access have in common. Windows Firewall is turned off on all systems. Our network is segmented out but Telecom is not seeing any denies on the firewall.
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    Re: File Server Inaccessible from particular computers

    you mention there are no deny entries in the logs on the target source.
    however - what else is in the logs. have you done an exhaustive evaluation and investigation of every event ?

    that's usually how i track down problems..
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      Re: File Server Inaccessible from particular computers

      From the server which is not accepting your credential try to reset the secure channel between this server and the file server. User netdom reset command to reset the secure channel between servers..


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        Re: File Server Inaccessible from particular computers


        Not sure what can happen when you reset a secure channel between domain but In such cases you need to take a network trace both from client and server side (working and non working and investigate it) then come to some conclusion. You can run mps_networkreport when this issue is occuring and upload the data for further investigation.
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          Re: File Server Inaccessible from particular computers

          you need not reset the secure channel between the domain but between the problamatic server and the file server in question...

          Sometimes even the restart of server & workstation services on the problamatic server do the trick.