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domain controller IP change, help?

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  • domain controller IP change, help?

    Hi All,

    this has been pondering me a long time.
    got 2 win2k3 servers running DC, but dont have DNS or DHCP installed
    and, unix'y DNS and DHCP servers

    and wanting to change IP's of the win2k3 servers

    but having problems doing so instantly.
    if i just change the IP and leave it, DNS records dont get updated by magic
    if I change IP and do flushdns and registerdns, "rpc server is unavailable"

    changing the IP on a win2k3 not a DC, is nice and simple and registerdns works fine
    so what can i do to change the ip's? any suggestions

    and im not good with dns, dhcp but still learning about it...
    need any other info just ask what..

    thanks if you can help me out here.


    also to add,

    in dhcp,
    theres s1 assigned with current ip
    and s2 assigned with current ip

    and also in dhcp
    theres s1new with new ip
    and s2new with new ip

    and with using dcdiag /fix
    it comes up with error saying
    s1 has the ip of current ip, and cant be pinged, but the new ip of new ip can be pinged, please check dns.. cant actually remember the full information as the servers are back online and working due to student classes.
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    Re: domain controller IP change, help?


    Why do you need a dhcp ip address for DCs which can lead to multiple issues if its not reserved for itself in the dhcp server.

    As per my opinion, you should configure static ip address for the DCs. Changing the IP address of a DC needs to be done with precaution.

    After you configure the static/automatic IP on the DC, make sure you delete the old dns records of those DCs. Make a reservation for the new IP addresses.

    Go to each DC and execute - ipconfig /registerdns & dcdiag /fix...


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      Re: domain controller IP change, help?

      Well, okay, they are static IP's (i dont run the dns/dhcp in my department)
      but the IP's are statically in the config for all our servers..

      but we were changing IP's for all servers to be from
      they all static...

      but when i mean by s1new thats a reservation of a new IP in LDAP to be assigned to the s1 server in

      but as I changed the IP on s1, to the new IP, and did registerdns, it said "RPC is unavailable" so i couldnt register the server to the DNS server

      sorry im not making sense at the moment...